Life Cycle Optimization of Energy Systems and Chemical Processes
Life Cycle Optimization of Energy Supply Chains
Sustainable Design and Synthesis of Energy Systems
Sustainable Design and Synthesis of Energy Systems
Big Data Analytics and Data-Driven Robust Optimization
Energy Supply Chain Optimization
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Process Modeling and Control
Agent-Based Production Scheduling
Decision-making under Multi-scale Uncertainties
Integrated Materials and Process Design
Integrated Scheduling and Control
Chemical Manufacturing from Shale Gas
Energy Supply Chain Design and Management
Sustainability Analysis of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
Network Optimization of Product Systems under Uncertainty
Multi-Scale Life Cycle Optimization from Process to Macroeconomics
Interdisciplinary Research Themes
Systems Analysis and Design for Resilience

Welcome to Fengqi You Group @ Cornell University

Our research focuses on advanced computational models, optimization algorithms, statistical machine learning methods, and systems analysis tools for practically important and fundamental problems on process manufacturing, infrastructure, smart agriculture, energy systems, and sustainability. The research work at Process-Energy-Environmental Systems Engineering (PEESE) lab provides a balance between theory, computation and real world applications.