Awards to M.Eng. students

PEESE M.Eng. students were recognized with distinguished awards by the Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

In Spring 2019, Qixuan (Michael) Li received the Outstanding M.Eng. Project Award for his project on statistical process control and monitoring using machine learning.

The Spring 2018 Outstanding M.Eng. Project Award was bestowed to Wei-Han Chen for his work on model predictive control for building energy optimization.

Schuyler Gardner won the Outstanding M.Eng. Project Award of Fall 2017 for her project on pharmaceutical clinical trial planning at PEESE. Schuyler is now working as a Bioengineer at Celgene.

Imran Yasin received the Spring 2017 Outstanding M.Eng. Project Award (one student per year). Imran’s project is on “Application of Data Mining Principles for making predictive model for high Product Quality” with application to bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing. He also recently presented his research at the M.Eng. retreat on the theme of “Leading the Way in Professional Engineering Education: Reflecting on Cornell Engineering’s Current and Future MEng Program’s Impact on the World” to hundred of attendees (department chairs & directors, industry participants Engineering Council members, and alums). Imran is now working as a Quality Assurance Supervisor at BASF.

Additionally, Ivy Lai Miller received the 2017 Best M.Eng. Teaching Assistant (two students per year). Ivy earned this award through her outstanding performance as the TA for the senior design course, ChemE 4620, in the Spring semester. Both Imran and Ivy received $500 cash prizes. Ivy is now working at Symetra Financial.

The 2016 Outstanding M.Eng. Project Award was given to Minhao Li, who also did the M.Eng project at PEESE last year.

Congratulations to all PEESE M.Eng. graduates!