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Sustainability book published

A recent book edited by Prof. You was recently published by Elsevier (692 pages. ISBN: 9780444634726). This book titled “Sustainability of Products, Processes and Supply Chains: Theory and Applications” presents recent method developments and applications on the interface between sustainability and process systems engineering. The 25 chapters of this book are contributed by 90 leading researchers and experts in this area from 21 countries. These chapters cover a variety of topics, including energy systems design, CO2 capture and utilization, sustainable/energy supply chain optimization, and emerging sustainability analysis methods. The Table of Content and the List of Contributors are available at the Google Book preview.


Prof. You invited to an EPA-NSF Workshop on Sustainability Science

Prof. You was invited by the Environmental Protection Agency and National Science Foundation to attend a scientific workshop entitled “Design of Sustainable Product Systems and Supply Chains.” The 50 participants of this workshop are sustainability science experts selected globally from government, academia and industry. For more information, please see the workshop homepage.